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PINK TURDS IN SPACE - Discography Part.2 LP

PINK TURDS IN SPACE - Discography Part.2 LP



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Second part of the PTIS discography. This second volume includes both their Greatest Shits LP (In Your Face Records 1988) on A side and the PTIS tracks from their split with SEDITION (Flat Earth 1990)

pink turds was one of the few band to do trash punk in 86,
1st u got the 12inch from 1988 called greatest shits on in your face records,which sold 2,000 at the time,this was the 1st records with ann singing but as screamin as she did on the split lp
Side b is the split lp with sedition which 3,000 in 90/91,with some good songs
Indie shit,no more  secterian shit,this record is for shane and chuck r.i.p

Side 1
1  Indie Shit   
2  Scratch Match   
3  No More Secterian Shit   
4  Oh No - Beer Frenzy   
5  Beanz Meanz Drough Bombs   
6  Bazil Bastard Mc Ivor   
7  Sickle Cell   
8  Marijuana Paranoia   
9  Apathy Rules   
10  It Must Have Been (That Pastie)   
11  Like To Be   
12  Apartheid Kills   
13  Ormeau Rd Spiderman   
14  Christians   
Side 2
15  Ulster Says No / Blind Man   
16  The Filofax Song   
17  Blood Money   
18  Eugeneia Shop Hop   
19  The Really Depressing Song   
20  Jerusalem St. Nine   
21  Eastenders   
22  Dear Mr. Policeman   
23  Mallis Cornetto   
24  Stop It!