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COREY ORBISON - Your Name Is Poison 7"

COREY ORBISON - Your Name Is Poison 7"


Everard 01

Corey orbison are inspired by their friends in the diy-queer-punk-feminist-community.  they were born from the craving of young hearts and the fervour for connection in a cold, cold world. their songs play upon the themes of treble, celebrity, resistance, loss, community, language, structure, friendship and contrast.  their style of music is the short and the sharp and the stop and the start. make a mess. break a heart. stick the rules. punk rock is for the wimps.

MRR said this record was "definitely on the goofier, weirder arty side of post punk. awesome". terminal boredom said it was "art-wank". Irene now also plays in WOOLF.