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INSERVIBLES - Una Vida de Tristeza 7"

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MUS65 INSERVIBLES - Una Vida de Tristeza 7"

Inservibles is probably coolest, most relevant Mexican band of the past 10-20 years. Hyper negative/realistic attitude with a well-informed and loose sound that brings to mind United Mutation, or Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, or garage, or Terveet Kadet with longer songs, recorded via 4-track with access to a delay pedal. Everybody always says "deranged", "weird", "disturbed", "menacing", yeah probably, it always helps to have something to be pissed about. But one should also note their keen abilities as songwriters, to write powerful and memorable hardcore songs that never stray inappropriately into rock or metal or speed. Just straight-forward mastery of all the things we love about 'hardcore punk'.

Una Vida de Tristeza is a split release with Shogun Records in France and SPHC in USA. please order from them if it makes more sense for you.