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MAD VIRGINS - I Am A Computer 7"

MAD VIRGINS - I Am A Computer 7"



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Reissue of this 1978 Belgian punker on No Good Records. These two Mad Virgins tracks also got comped last year on an LP that also included a live set, but this is the repro version you all want, distilling the band's work down to these two memorable tracks and reproducing all of the great original sleeve art. The thing about Mad Virgins is that they were one of the most gloriously inept bands around. That's particularly apparent on the live set that appears on the LP on Belgian Waffles, but here it's a little more under the radar. It's loud, fast, energetic, and catchy, but if you pay a little bit of attention you'll realize that the drummer is constantly wavering in and out of time, as is the vocalist. I wonder if the band's uneven (to put it mildly) playing is the reason that this single also has such wonderfully bizarre production values. The distorted bass is about twice as loud as any other instrument; maybe that's just because the bass player was the only one who even had a rudimentary command of his instrument? I don't know the reason, but I do know that this approaches near-Tapeworm levels of "art by accident" production techniques. All of this may sound like a slag, but this single is absolutely bursting with energy... it's like a directionless, hyperactive child and if you're the type who buys reissues of obscure 70s punk singles you probably love nothing more than partaking in that energy. This one provides quite a dose.

16 year old snotty punks from Belgium. Official reissue originally released in 1978 on Romantik Records. Remastered, incl. original artwork.

MUSHQ says...May I add this is one of my all time favourite guitar tone???