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MORTE LENTA - Demo Cassette

MORTE LENTA - Demo Cassette



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Melding English, Spanish, and Brazilian influence to create a sound that falls somewhere between the very classic and the very current, this is the debut offering from MORTE LENTA out of Sydney! At times sounding reminiscent of groups like OLHO SECO or DISCHARGE, MORTE LENTA obviously have the chops to mix anthemic melodies with stripped back aggression, but it’s their inclusion of darker elements (ala PARALISIS PERMANENTE) that create a unique vibe on this tape. The resulting impression is one of restraint. There’s a sense of conviction and resolution to the songwriting that rings true. A tight groove that marches tirelessly throughout this excellent demo. Raw and real. Highly recommended.

5 track demo with full colour J card and fold out insert featuring artwork by Muriel Bellini from Argentina.

Limited to 100 copies. All physical copies come with a download card. Australian Import.