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SOVIET VALVES - Death Trumps Romance LP

SOVIET VALVES - Death Trumps Romance LP



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SOVIET VALVES already have a pretty awesome Ep on Smart Guy Records from San Francisco that impressed those in the Hip and Know a few years back. For everyone else lets just start simple - Soviet Valves play punk rock with garage and post punk leanings. There's definitely a British gestalt clinging to their songs, one that meshes surprisingly well with the care free style so familiar to fans of the current OZ Underground noise cohort. At times I'm swept back to the defiant snarl of Spiral Scratch era BUZZCOCKS. I think it's the smart-bratty nasal #squared vocals of Milos V, or maybe it is the love of the Up tempo charge. To portray this band as a '77 inspired punk group - read a bunch of copycats - would definitely sell them short though. They're not dwelling on nostalgia at all.