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HOWARD WERTH - Obsolete / Mango Man 7"

HOWARD WERTH - Obsolete / Mango Man 7"



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Munster presents individual replica reissues of the 14 7"s released on Dangerhouse between 1977 and 1979. All singles have facsimile sleeves and labels and come inside a clear plastic bag like the original releases. Howard Werth was Dangerhouse's token mainstream rock artist. A completely delightful Englishman who had received not nearly enough acclaim in his country with the early 70s band Audience. . . . The incredible guitar sound on this record comes from Howard's homemade Zematis (a 20lb beast made out of metal). Everybody always wondered where the hell that was coming from since it was so much different from the rest of the label. But that was the whole point. 'Obsolete' drew a skew line across the musical scene and proved the seamlessness of the whole realm of unpretentious self-expression.