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JOE BRIGGS - Screaming Fatal Truths Book

JOE BRIGGS - Screaming Fatal Truths Book


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Screaming Fatal Truths is a collection of photographs (with a text) by Joe Briggs. The photographs were all made with disposable cameras at various DIY punk shows over the past 8 months and captures (in alphabetical order):

Anxiety • Arms Race • Crumbling Wall • Death Cult • Exotica • Efialtis • Firewalker • Game • Glue • Good Throb • Gutter Knife • Hex • Inhalant • Krimewatch • Limp Wrist • The Lowest Form • Lumpy & The Dumpers • Nekra • Never • Owner • Pinkgrip • Q • Sarcasm • Score • Shopping • State Funeral • Teufelskreis • Vile Spirit

“And so we end up with these photos. Demented grins, pains and strains astringent and painted plain across faces, limbs taught with fury, eyes dark with a dread focus of noise, eyes wide with a belligerent gleam of confrontation, stances rigid, knees locked, fists clenched with ferocious purpose. Getting something out.” –  from the introduction.

Limited to 100 copies in an archival sleeve.

Joe Briggs lives in Oxford and goes to a lot of punk shows. He is a member of SCRAP BRAIN and also writes the punk crit zine Brutalist Shimmy.

Screaming Fatal Truths is the ninth title on Makina Books.