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MG15 - Derecho a la vida 7"

MG15 - Derecho a la vida 7"


MUS08 1/2

Reissue of the MG-15 Debut 7" from 1985. After demo tapes both as MG15 and SLIP AND SPERMA the band were ready to enter the studio for what is considered by most as the first DISCHARGE influenced Spanish record. Originally pressed in Italy on the almighty Attack Punk label from Bologna, 'Derecho a la Vida' gained seminal status as a classic hardcore record amongst the vibrant European scene of the early to mid 80s. Their bleak and apocalyptic vision of the world, idealistic ideas and abrasive sound made MG15 part of a wave of new sounding hardcore bands who made the underground punk what we love today.


Contains a 12 page booklet with fanzine interviews and reviews from underground magazines.