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URCHIN - How To Make Napalm 7"

URCHIN - How To Make Napalm 7"



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Debut 7" from this new New York City band, and unless I've misunderstood I think that they include a member of Bloodkrow Butcher among their ranks. Again, my memory may be hazy, but I seem to remember Bloodkrow's discography showing an evolution from d-beat toward more of a UK82 sound; whether or not that was the case, Urchin are clearly fully committed to the noisy, heavily Anti-Cimex-influenced end of d-beat. This EP has a real maximalist aesthetic where it seems like every bit of the sonic spectrum has been filled with sound, but despite the density all of the tones are very warm and analog-sounding, without sounding self-consciously vintage-y. While a lot of bands who take influence from Anti-Cimex these days adopt some of their more polished, metallic elements, Urchin are all primitive banging and crashing. It's very much in the vein of the Raped Ass EP, and just like with that record, my favorite moments on this EP are the wild, double-tracked guitar leads (the best of all these moments coming on the track "Pincher"). If you're into this style of primitive d-beat (and if you've picked up similar recent records by bands like Vägra) this one is going to up your alley.