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ソドム (SODOM) - St. Requiem gatefold LP + 7″

ソドム (SODOM) - St. Requiem gatefold LP + 7″


F.O.A.D. 150

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A treasure of Japanese Hardcore/Punk finally seeing the light on vinyl in a deluxe version authorized by the band and all mastered and assembled in a process of years under supervision of the singer Zazie. This collection includes the cult “St. Requiem” tape-album (1984) + a bonus 7″EP with the “ADK Omnibus” tracks (1983) cut at 45rpm for the best sounding sonic impact. 25 songs in total.  “St. Requiem” stands with no doubt as one of the best Japanese Hardcore tapes released in the ’80s, it combines rapid fast Hardcore bursts with some dark, claustrophobic atmospheres that were characterizing the sound of several bands released by the legendary ADK Records label. And talking of the pioneering status of this great band (that moved to a different musical direction in the years to follow), the singer Zazie was part of a very early stage of GAUZE‘s line-up in the passage from Typhus to Gauze in fall 1981.  Housed in a silver laminated gatefold sleeve with a fanzine styled booklet full of rare flyers, photos and original artworks. Click HERE for the trailer! Sold out at source already. These are some of the last available copies.