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SUBURBAN FILTH - Total Thrash Punk Music Demo 82 7"

SUBURBAN FILTH - Total Thrash Punk Music Demo 82 7"



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In the summer of 1982, in the front room of a house in Totton, in the south of England, the greatest song ever written about dog shit was recorded on tape, by Suburban Filth. "Dogshit Drama" and 19 other tracks on further important topics like "Religion Is Shit," "Let's Fuckin Riot," and "Missile Base" made it to Suburban Filth's cassette, which these adolescent miscreants helpfully described as "total thrash punk music." While many English punk bands of the era were aiming to top the charts, Suburban Filth had one singular goal: to destroy music. Their slogan: "PROUD TO HAVE NO MUSICAL ABILITY." For many years, their cassette was the subject of tape traders' lore. Now, all 20 tracks (most barely 40 seconds long) appear on vinyl. It is one of the rawest, most primitive hardcore punk records ever made. To quote a fanzine article on Suburban Filth, "Discharge watch out." This band-authorized release includes a repro of their original lyric sheet and a twelve-page booklet featuring other original artwork, flyers, and fanzine articles/interviews. For fans of Plasmid, Asylum, Sekunda, Mierda Radioaktiva, Asocial, Kuolema, Gang Green, Lärm, etc. One more slogan: "PUNX FOR EVER ACCEPTANCE NEVER." Limited to 200 copies.