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GRB - Cuentos y Leyendas LP

GRB - Cuentos y Leyendas LP



GRB did not have a long trajectory but, even so, they managed with their songs of lyrics written to remove consciences and encourage the personal critical spirit, being one of the fundamental bands of all that punk of the Barcelona of the 80s. After the debut model and the successful EP I'm So Happy (1986), the band faced the recording of what would be their only LP going, again, to the Marathon studios. They did it in July of 1987, but the disc would take another half year to see the light. The project was financed with the financial help of Trashmike, a rocker friend of the band and using the license of the Majorcan label Blau that had little or nothing in his catalog related to punk.If until then they had been using rats and mice as a graphic accompaniment, this time they changed to a setting of dwarves and goblins, with which, in reality, they referred to the fears and traumas that gripped the individual and restricted their personal freedom. And it is that if something characterized the message of GRB was, above all, its reflective nature. Disc full of songs with conscientious lyrics sometimes written from an unusual point of view for the genre, mainly seeking self-criticism as the only way to overcome tortuous internal labyrinths ("Demuéstramelo") or even from personal fear, as in "Chilla the fierce ", very different from the simple and expected condemnation of the bullfighting celebrations as for example made L'Odi Social. Positions in addition to attack on all fronts,Musically, on the other hand, the album talked about the evolution of the group's sound. The songs became longer, took advantage of punctures and even considered some hint of melodies although, yes, his was still sinuous hardcore. They decided to slow down the speed of their songs, offering the listener the possibility of listening and understanding something better, letters that brought real depth loads. The recovery of this Tales and Legends is a success on the part of BCore and a luxury for all lovers of sound and manners of that time.