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It would be completely impossible to get an accurate and complete idea of ​​what was the punk-hardcore of Barcelona in the 80s without considering Subterranean Kids. Beyond what their music contributed, the frenetic activity that they developed exchanging cassette tapes, fanzines and information made them a bridge of enriching connection with other scenes, both from the national and international panorama. Subterranean Hardcore [aws_search_form] The model that now recovers BCore was the beginning of a trajectory that led, in addition to compilations, direct and simple, to threeLPs that would surely enter without hesitation in a hypothetical list of essential records of hardcore state. It took little time to decide to record it, barely four months since the band was formed, because the rhythm of composition of the songs in their first time was dizzying; according to what counted the notes for the songs were chosen randomly after numbering the frets and if the resulting riff convinced, it was preserved. Therefore, when they entered the Maratón de Barcelona studios in December 1985, they were able to choose without much trouble among more than twenty subjects that they had in their repertoire. The session in which they recorded all the instruments barely took them five hours in which, according to Bolo, his drummer, enjoyed the beautiful in what was his first contact with a professional recording studio. The mixtures would finish them in one morning. In the tape there was practically everything, from the subjects in which the pure and hard speed prevailed, so in vogue at the time, as the first glimpses of the hardcore of going back, sinuous, in which the song seemed to go advancing in fits and starts. , with continuous braking and acceleration. Guitars that wove intriguing and threatening environments like those of the Dead Kennedys albums and explicit references to Minor Threat's straight-edge postulates spoke, and very well, of how clear the guidelines were for their sound. In the purest style of self-management, the model was edited with Patizambo Records, the label set up by Bolo and Pep, the guitarist, and with whom they also came out shortly after Los Ojos de la Víctima (1986), their LP debut. It was accompanied on the inside with a folio sheet with letters, photos and diverse information about Subterranean Kids. Its distribution was also part of the band that managed to sell a couple of thousand copies from hand to hand, by mail or through exchanges with other groups and stamps. Subterranean Hardcore is, quite simply, a piece of history.